Archbishop Temple Church of England High School has a student council consisting of the twelve most senior pupils in the school including the four head prefects along with the eight house captains. This student council meets usually at least once each term to discuss issues that have been brought up in previous house council meetings and it gives the school an opportunity to hear what some of the problems are from a student’s perspective. It means that every single pupil in the school can have a say as to what should be changed or improved in the school. The way it works is the form captains from each form have a discussion within their form to discuss issues that pupils in their forms have and then the form captains then attend a house council meeting where they bring up the issues that their forms came up with. The house captains will chair their house council meetings and everything brought up in these meetings are finally brought forward to the student council meetings where all the issues are looked at and evaluated and here it is decided what issues should be pursued. The student council is very important as it helps the school to improve on the things that the students can see that perhaps teachers can’t whether it are things as simple as bringing new foods into the canteen. It’s a great set up and one of the many ways in which our school is getting better and better.

Jolene - Head Pupil

Daniel - Deputy Head Pupil

Caitlin, Sasha, Krish and Emma - Assistant Head Pupils

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